7270 & 7271 SERIES Miniature Aircraft

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  • 7270 & 7271 SERIES Miniature Aircraft

The Klixon 7270/7271 series circuit breakers were designed to utilize less space behind the panel space while protecting wire and cable in aircraft and ground support equipment on either 120VAC, 400Hz or 30 VDC systems. 

The units are available with neck mounting (7270-1 and 7271-8) or standard cover plate (7270-7 and 7271-3). In each of these Klixon circuit breakers, the bi-metallic element assures uniform current distribution throughout its responsive area. 

This design reduces current density at the critical areas, resulting in an element having a much higher interrupting capability than conventional design. Inherently resistant to shock and vibration, the Klixon disc element is capable of precise calibration settings and will retain the initial calibration within close tolerances throughout the service life of the breaker.