Thin-wall Heatshrink Tube Range

By STOCKCAP / Sinclair & Rush Pty Ltd

Ever expanding, the STOCKCAP range of Heatshrink products now boasts a comprehensive new range of competitively priced Thin-wall (TW) Heatshrink Tubes.

STOCKCAP TW tubes are manufactured from RoHS compliant, halogen-free, flame retardant polyolefin material and suitable for temperature applications up to 125°C.

Available in continuous lengths on spools, STOCKCAP TW tubes cover a large range of diameters and are available in shrink ratios of 1.5/0.6mm, 2.5/1.0mm, 3.5/1.5mm, 5/2.25mm, 6.5/3.0mm, 9.5/4.5mm, 12.5/6mm, 18.7/9mm, 25.7/12.5mm, 35/17.5mm, 51.5/26mm, 70/35mm & 100/50mm in stock colours black, red, blue, white clear & yellow/green. STOCKCAP can manufacture many other colours as a special order and will soon add new stock colours and styles including a dual-wall adhesive-lined range of tubes.

STOCKCAP TW Tubes are available from stock for immediate delivery.

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