Heatshrink Tube Range

Electrical Equipment and Components

STOCKCAP has added a new range of Low Voltage (LV) Medium-wall (MW) Heatshrink Tubes to compliment their growing range Heatshrink products.

Specifically designed for protecting LV terminations as well as insulating LV connectors in straight through joints STOCKCAP MW tubes are manufactured from cross-linked polyolefin and are hot-melt adhesive lined. The hot-melt adhesive melts and flows as the tube is shrinking and creates a strong, permanent environmental seal between the cable jacket and the tube.

Once shrunk, the cable joint is ready for direct bury or outdoor applications. As a special order, STOCKCAP MW tubes can be supplied unlined for mechanical protection applications like adhesion to plastic & metal.

STOCKCAP MW tubes are flame retardant, quick to install even in confined spaces and provide excellent long-term resistance to weathering, moisture and dust contamination. The polyolefin material has an unlimited shelf-life and complies with the requirements of ESI 09-11.

STOCKCAP MW tubes cover a large range of cable diameters and are available in shrink ratios of 10-4mm, 16-6mm, 27-8mm, 30-12mm, 40-16mm, 50-20mm, 70-22mm, 100-28mm, 120-38mm, 140-42mm & 160-50mm

STOCKCAP MW Tubes are competitively priced in standard 1 metre lengths and available from stock for immediate delivery.

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