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Sat Jan 19 2019

Interactive Training Software MEG-MIT (E-Learning)

By Bestech Australia
  • Interactive Training Software MEG-MIT (E-Learning)

Bestech Australia is proudly introducing the MEG-MIT interactive training software from Megatech which provides a hands-on training that covers the ASE technical requirements as well teaching about common diesel fuel systems.

The trainer comes complete with textbooks, handouts, bullet point summaries, questions, worksheets, animations and assignments to help reinforce the theory. This makes the MEG-MIT a brilliant physical learning tool as well as an exciting way to convey theory.

The program covers the 8 areas of the ASE technical requirements and provides a core understanding of basic fuel systems, with over 400 hours of interactive learning. 

The MEG-MIT also comes with 1500 questions, 300 worksheets, several assignments, an expansive glossary and much more. Instructors gain access to the resource data base which has animations, videos and clear images, which can be viewed via an LED projector, to help aid and assist the learning of the students.

The system comes complete with an interactive CAI (computer assisted instruction) software that makes teaching and understanding the core concepts presented by the MEG-MIT easier and more enjoyable.

The MEG-MIT is available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia Pty Ltd. Please contact for more information.