Electrical & Electronics Technical Training

By Bestech Australia
  • Electrical & Electronics Technical Training
  • Electrical & Electronics Technical Training
  • Electrical & Electronics Technical Training

Bestech Australia teams up with NIDA Corporation offering hardware as well as support programs for training of electricity, electronics, and electro-mechanics in an ever-expanding number of technical disciplines.

From aviation electronics to renewable energy systems to industrial instrumentation and controls, Nida basic and advanced training programmes are utilised daily by thousands of students around the globe.

The Nida training system from Bestech Australia is a performance-based system ideally suited for conventional classrooms/ laboratories, e-learning programmes, and blended learning training environments.

The systems have been supporting TAFE, post-secondary technical, University, military, and industrial training programmes throughout Australia.

Nida Corporation hardware, trainers and experiment card sets, are constructed of the highest quality materials.

The trainer chassis are made of machined metal to ensure that they are rugged enough to stand up to daily student use.

The trainers provide non-destructive faulting, power application control, and student protection that meets UL, CA, and ESV certification.

The experiment cards are designed with self-cleaning contacts, open construction for real-life applications, and student-tested circuitry that emulate systems and circuits found in the technical workplace.

Nida hardware from Bestech Australia is supported by a five (5) year warranty which is unprecedented in the training equipment industry, as we are confident in the soundness of the equipment and the concept of our design.

It is convincible itself to encounter our 15-20 year old technical training systems in an electronics lab that are still utilized every day.

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