Diesel Engine Trainer Megatech MEG320

By Bestech Australia
  • Diesel Engine Trainer Megatech MEG320
  • Diesel Engine Trainer Megatech MEG320

The Megatech MEG320 is a technical trainer that is intended to give a comprehensive understanding of light and mid duty diesel engines. The MEG320 from Bestech Australia contains many programs that assist with teaching of diesel engines;

  • Instructional Modules on Diesel engines
  • Audio Visual Presentations
  • General Reference Manuals
  • Instructor’s guide
  • Diesel Engine Test Bed complete with Engine Test stand , Fuel Stand and Battery Stand

The models include engines from Cummins, Ford, General Motors and many others. These can also be mounted with the custom closed loop DYNO.

The programs that come with the MEG320 introduce the Cummins, Caterpillar, Navistar, Detroit Diesel and other such engines, with all the components assembled and ready for operation. The manuals provided, give full information for the procedures and troubleshooting for the diesel engines. These units are available with hydraulic absorption and dynamometers for accurate HP and torque measurements.

The MEG320 diesel engine trainers have been provided to many colleges and universities to assist in the student’s development of knowledge, by providing a way for them to understand the inner workings of the diesel engines.

The MEG320 technical trainer comes with mobile engine stand, removable caster, fault insertion box, full instrument panel, and special vibrations pads, amongst other necessary items provided with the trainer. .

The MEG320 is ONLY available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia Pty Ltd. Please contact for more information.