CAI Electricity, Electronic Trainer MEG-TRON

By Bestech Australia
  • CAI Electricity, Electronic Trainer MEG-TRON
  • CAI Electricity, Electronic Trainer MEG-TRON

The MEG-TRON electronic trainer from Bestech Australia, aims to provide training to help foster good automotive technicians that are capable of repairing cars.

The device aims to explain physical and electrical phenomenon such Ohm’s law using real examples from real automotive systems.

The calculations provided are based on real values that exist in automotive electrical systems. 

Within the Megatech MEG-TRON, components such as inductors, capacitors, transistors, diodes and logic gates are introduced in context to show how these circuitry components are used in the automotive design and help aid students to discover how they work.

The course provides an introduction to automobiles, test equipment, basic electrical equipment, basic electronics, vehicle technology and automotive systems.

The components, when used in tandem, will help students completely understand the electronic configuration of a car automotive system, and help create future automotive technicians.

The MEG-TRON also comes with the ‘Autolab 2000 Auto tech CD and online SCORM delivery’.

The Auto tech CD integrates fully with the trouble shooting trainer and has an integrated Smart Board function to assist with teaching.

The CD also contains the full 8 areas of auto theory as well self-paced quizzes to test knowledge as the course progresses.

The MEG-TRON is ONLY available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia Pty Ltd. Please contact for more information.