Unimat Education - CNC-Technics 14 - 20 years

By Duff and Macintosh

TheCoolTool® - state of the art, innovative and technical convincing small scale machinery.

The UNIMAT modular system can be converted into a wide range of different machines.

In education UNIMAT allows for providing technical understanding with a practical orientation and fun.
The modular system Unimat combines concepts like sustainability and lifelong learning in a playful and joy-filled form. The training system is modular as the machine components.

From kindergarden to university - the basic elements can be utilized again and again. The UNIMAT system grows with the students experience and knowledge. From simple jig saw works in elementary school to turning tasks and first steps in engineering right up to CNC working on 4 axis milling machines - always the same modules.

Due to the long term and interdisciplinary utilization in all age groups the UNIMAT system can be  easily financed and will amortize fast.


Creating precise work pieces on professional machinery is possible with Unimat ML (MetalLine).

The MetalLine convinces by:

  • high stability and precision of entire system despite of modular structure
  • tolerance < 0,1mm can be met
  • metal handwheels with adjustable vernier

For education this means that the modular structure and therefore the reconstruction options are combined with the possibility of making ambitious models precisely.

Work pieces from non-ferrous metals can be processed accurately, gear wheels milled and tapers turned.

Curriculum example:
Curriculum example Technics I:

German state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, for technical education, levels 7-10. S. 23. Link: "General architecture of machinery, devices; ...block diagram and facilities; ... cogwheel gearing mechanism (symbolic illustrations, models; experiment transmit, allocate reps. deflect rotating movement; change direction and rotational speed)"

Curriculum example Technics II:

German state Saarbrücken, Technology/Technical Mathematics Technical Communication Vocational Basic Education Vocational School - Subject Area Technique Upper Classes Subject Area TM1- Machining "Structure and principle of operation of Milling machines ... Outside and inside turning, lengthwise and crosswise turning with and without feeding ... centering, drilling"