Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer Teaching Equipment

By Duff and Macintosh

Safe, practical, realistic

TecQuipment developed its Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer range alongside educationalists and students. It offers an extensive selection of high-quality, robust equipment. All products in the range have advanced educational performance to meet practical thermodynamics experiment needs effectively and safely.

TecQuipment designed the products to reach equilibrium in the shortest possible time, allowing students to complete experiments in a single laboratory session. Students can test thermodynamic theories for themselves and gain first-hand experience of working thermodynamic processes.

To improve coverage of this important area of study, TecQuipment has created two new products: the Bench-top Heat Exchangers (TD360) and Temperature Measurement and Calibration (TD400).

Fundamental and applied thermodynamics

The Thermodynamics range is extremely broad, covering topics such as properties of fluids, heat transfer, work transfer and renewable energy.

One of the most popular applications of thermodynamic principles is found in internal combustion engines and gas turbines. TecQuipment offers a range of test equipment that is economic, easy to use and specifically designed for student use. This compares favourably with expensive and specialist industrial engine test facilities, which are not specific to the educational environment (and not designed to show the core principles). The range of gas turbines is second to none for instrumentation, use of standard fuels and safety.

Modular fluid power

Equipment in the innovative Modular Fluid Power (MFP) machines also links in to the Thermodynamics range. The Reciprocating Compressor Module (MFP104) and Centrifugal Compressor (MFP105) show thermodynamic principles, in addition to the pumps, turbines and fans in the range. An interchangeable dynamometer drives all MFP products. Each machine includes all the instruments needed to measure its performance (see the Fluid Mechanics section).

Automatic Data Acquisition

To make the best use of laboratory time, many of our thermodynamics products are available either with custom-made automatic data acquisition software , or are compatible with TecQuipment’s unique Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS®). VDAS® allows our equipment to connect easily to a suitable computer to provide accurate real-time data capture. Raw data can be transformed instantly into sophisticated graphs and tables using the VDAS® software and also easily exported to other programs. There are other solutions on the market, but none which offer the convenience, functionality or wide range of features.

Subject areas:

Heat Transfer
Temperature and Humidity
Renewable Energy
Internal Combustion Engine Test Sets
Gas Turbines