Theory of Machines

By Duff and Macintosh

Basic and advanced principles

An awareness of the way machines work is fundamental to most engineering courses. Students need to understand the principles of mechanical advantage, cams, vibration and mechanical movement to give them a solid foundation of knowledge about mechanical system behaviour. This knowledge will serve them throughout their academic and future engineering careers.

TecQuipment offers an outstanding selection of quality products to teach the principles and theory of machines. The strong designs clearly teach a comprehensive range of basic and advanced principles used in engineering throughout the world.

Classroom, group or individual use

For maximum teaching efficiency, the equipment is equally effective whether it’s used for classroom demonstrations, or by students on their own or in groups. This versatility is a great benefit when teaching different academic levels. It’s easy to show basic principles to groups of students. For more advanced investigations, the straightforward controls, instrumentation and built-in safety allow students to progress through the experiments with minimum supervision.

Easy to install and completely safe to use

TecQuipment builds all its products to exceptionally high safety standards. Even though some products in this range include fast-moving parts, our engineers have developed imaginative ways to make the equipment safe to use without compromising its educational value.

The products are easy to work and need only minimal installation and maintenance. This keeps running costs low and makes efficient use of staff and student time.

Subject areas:

Mechanical Engineering Science