Technology and Science Kits (TASK)

By Duff and Macintosh

TecQuipment’s highly cost-effective, versatile and easy-to-use TASK range teaches the principles of mechanical engineering. It offers a highly flexible and safe method to develop hands-on experiments, suitable for many academic levels, from teaching fundamental principles in schools to demonstrations at undergraduate level.

Modular and cost effective

The kits are part of a modular system. Students mount the main parts of their experiments on a generic steel frame. To complete the experiment, they then add common parts, such as force-measuring devices, weights and tools. Many of the experiments are supplied in a kit, ready for the user to build. When coupled with the modular parts, this makes the kits extremely cost-effective.

Hands-on teaching of core principles

The equipment is extremely robust, for use by students of all abilities, allowing valuable hands-on exposure to real engineering parts and materials. Some of the more advanced experiments can connect to a suitable computer for data acquisition.

The TASK range covers dynamics, materials, forces, mechanisms and pneumatics. It also covers many of the core principles that students need to understand before they progress on to any mechanically based higher diploma or undergraduate course.

Subject areas:

Materials and Forces
Motion and Mechanics