Organisational Development & People Management

By Phalanx Consulting Group

Organisational Development
Benefit from effective employee engagement and people management solutions through a customised Organisational Development Improvement Program.  The program is designed to develop organisations and its people to better adapt to new technologies, markets, and challenges. 

Consulting Services
Phalanx Consulting offers a unique blend of facilitation and management insight that delivers excellence in Organisational Development and People Management outcomes.  Our savvy approach recognises our clients' expectation for customised business development and diagnostic services.  Our consultants are accreditted and able to deliver world class consulting services utilising renowned online software solutions OEP and HATs.

Organisational Effectiveness Profiling (OEP)

Phalanx Consulting is an accreditted specialist for the internationally recognised Organisational Effectiveness Profiling software tool.  OEP is an advanced diagnostic tool used to identify and simplify the key team, department and organisational interdependencies, challenges and priorities that create barriers to change.  The profiling process and supporting software automatically generates a powerful 19 KPI driver model clearly identifying key issues and providing leaders with a road map for Organisational Development and People Management. 

Team workshops are used to drive deep understanding of issues and their underlying causes, developing actions plans and implementation timelines.  OEP web based software facilitates a centralised monitoring and tracking of the implementation and improvement progress with business leaders left with an ongoing day to day continuous improvement toolkit.  To contact Phalanx about OEP click here
Employment testing: Harrison Asssessment Systems

Used by over two million people in more than five thousand companies worldwide, the Harrison Assessment System (HATs) was developed to help companies optimise their human capital by providing the most trusted and accurate online employee assessment tools in the industry.  The tools help managers througout the entire HR process to become more productive and efficient, leading to increased profitability. 

Developed by renowned Organisational Development expert, Dr. Dan Harrison Ph.D, the Harrison Assessment System, utilises more than 30 years experience and research in Mathematics, Personality Theory, Counselling Psychology and Organisational Pschology to fulfil practical needs for recruitment, assessment and development.
Gain strategic workforce planning, reduce recruitment costs and improve employee retention and satisfaction levels.  Insights gathered provide functional analysis for employee development plans resulting in effective succession planning and team building.  HATs is also effective in assessing cultural gaps between merging businesses allowing for early intervention strategies to be implemented.  Register for our next HATs briefing session.

Key Benifets

  • Improved interpersonal and group processes;
  • More effective communication and team building;
  • Enhanced ability to cope with problems
  • Effective decision making process established;
  • Quality leadership styles developed;
  • Comprehensive pre-employment testing;
  • Implement effective succession plans;
  • Conflict and change resistance risk reduced; and
  • Increased trust amongst team members.