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Lean Management

By Phalanx Consulting Group

Lean Management

Simply, LEAN is a management practice that creates more value for a business by eliminating waste. LEAN Management aims to create a team culture committed to continuously improving all systems and processes throughout the entire organisation. Originating in the automotive manufacturing sector through the world famous Toyota Production System, it is increasingly being adapted to suit any business including the service, financial, healthcare, retail, logistics, hospitality and many more.

Strategy Development

Guided through the development of a high level Lean Implementation Strategy by a Phalanx Lean specialist, businesses participate in a Lean Leadership Workshop. Gaining knowledge about Lean is vital for long-term success and Phalanx Consulting drives and supports the crucial steps that help reduce employee resistance, cultivate learnings and engender long-term commitment. Register for your FREE Lean Diagnostic Review and Leadership Workshop.


Led by our dedicated Lean Management team, Phalanx Consulting's expertise stems from a robust combination of academic training and international industry experience across multiple sectors. Dynamic, insightful and client focused, our team of creative thinkers takes an analytical approach to value stream assessment to develop innovative solutions specific to each client's needs.

Phalanx Learning

It is critical for all businesses undergoing a Lean transformation to establish a stable foundation creating the necessary platform for an embedded long-term continuous improvement culture. In conjunction with our consulting services, Phalanx conducts accredited training courses in Certificate III in Process Manufacturing and Certificate IV in Competitive Manufacturing, ensuring a complete transfer of knowledge and employee empowerment to drive innovation and efficiency throughout your organisation.

Why choose Phalanx?

Implementing Lean practices and tools within any business is the start of a journey and commitment to a culture of continuous improvement. Phalanx can assist your business to transform and streamline all wasteful processes and systems. We will help you drive innovation while training and supporting those involved to ensure a transfer of skill and knowledge. Our consultants are experienced project managers with the ability to partner your organisation throughout the life of the improvement initiative ensuring all objectives are met if not surpassed. Your business success... is our success.

Key Benifets

  • Eliminates waste along entire value stream;
  • Eliminates from business processes:
    • Overproduction
    • Delays & idle time
    • Unnecessary handling or transportation
    • Unnecessary inventory
    • Unnecessary human effort
    • Over-processing
    • Errors or defective parts
  • Rapid response to changing customer needs; and
  • Simpler and accurate information management.