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Electrical Machines Technology Teaching Equipment

By Duff and Macintosh

Theory in practice

Practical experiments give excellent support to electrical engineering courses. They allow students to see theory in practice, increasing the learning experience and reinforcing knowledge gained from lectures.

Due to the scale, availability or cost of electrical training products, students do not always have the opportunity to use genuinely comprehensive, representative equipment for hands-on experiments. TecQuipment has recognised this and designed a range of modular products which meets this demand.

Comprehensive modular teaching system

The TecQuipment Electrical Machines Teaching System is a popular, proven and comprehensive modular teaching system. It offers a complete range of practical investigations into electrical machines, how they work, their characteristics and applications. The modular nature of the teaching system allows you to economically set up electrical machines laboratories and extend them as necessary, meeting academic needs at any level as course requirements dictate. The variety of machines, loads and instrumentation is hard to beat.

The range also includes the control of machines using power electronic drives, for example the thyristor speed control of d.c. motors, variable-frequency inverters for a.c. motors and a drive system for stepper motors.

Convenient and easy to use

The compact, modular and lightweight design enables quick and easy installation. Clear diagrams on the apparatus help students set up and understand experiments, and high levels of in-built safety ensure students can use the equipment with minimal supervision.

Computer control and data acquisition

The range includes our Data Management System (DMS2) to connect to a computer for data logging and open and closed-loop control. It can replace more traditional instrumentation, and, because of the speed of data acquisition, it can also record transient events, for example motor start-up current.

Subject Areas:

Fractional Horsepower (FH) Motor Test Bed
FH Electrical Machines
FH Test Bed Instrumentation
FH Test Bed Control
FH Test Bed Loads
FH Test Bed Power Electronics
FH Test Bed Transformers
FH Test Bed Data Acquisition and Control