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Control Engineering, Sensors and Instrumentation Teaching Equipment

By Duff and Macintosh

Effective, safe and practical

Control is an essential feature of modern engineering systems. Aircraft, motor vehicles, shipping, production lines, oil refineries, manufacturing and domestic equipment all depend on control systems and sensors.

Engineers need an understanding of modern control engineering principles, based on a solid foundation of theoretical and practical training. TecQuipment’s Control Engineering range offers a wide selection of innovative and well-proven equipment, providing reliable, safe and practical solutions to control engineering teaching.

Realistic models and systems

TecQuipment has developed and manufactured control engineering products for many years. Our expertise and understanding of the subject ensures our equipment embodies the most important features of modern control systems. Our products give students both theoretical knowledge and practical experience of how real control systems work and how real processes behave, successfully meeting the training needs of both academia and industry.

For academic and industrial training

Our range encompasses the broadest possible scope of topics: from introducing students to basic control principles, to fault-finding of industrial plants, and to postgraduate research of complex control problems. The wide range of subjects covered includes control strategies and controller design, fuzzy logic, real-time MATLAB®/Simulink® control, process control, digital control and sensors and instrumentation. Much of this equipment uses our powerful educational control software.

Our TE3300 series and TE37 products use real industrial parts and software. This equipment not only provides a sound basis for industrial operator training, it also underpins the transition from the classroom to the workplace for control engineering students.

Whatever level or area of control you teach, TecQuipment has a teaching product to suit your needs.

Subject Areas of:

  • Control Engineering PrincipleS
  • MATLAB and Stimulink Control
  • Process Control
  • Digital Control
  • Sensors and Instrumentation