Visual eBusiness

By LSA Australia

Infor VISUAL eBusiness is a Web-based solution that makes it easy for manufacturers and distributors to put order information online and implement a self-service storefront. This application supports both B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Consumer) transactions and is flexible enough to accommodate various business models.

The core functionality within Infor VISUAL Enterprise includes Foundation to help companies quickly get started on their e-business initiatives. Companies can personalize their Web pages using a generic framework that functions with their customer database. The intuitive architecture of each page enables users with even the most basic skills to customize the format and convey their company’s “look and feel.” Customization requires minimal editing.

  • Provide customers with the ability to place orders via the Internet in a shopping cart format.
  • Improve customer service and eliminate response time.
  • Display part specifications, product catalogs, product listings by category, and customer-specific pricing.
  • Offer customers access to part availability information, shipment tracking, and lists of substitute and cross-selling items.
  • Allow detailed part searches.
  • Provide customers with the ability to create wish lists.
  • Secure your site and ensure customer confidentiality.
  • Improve selling efficiencies.
  • Decrease sales order costs.
  • Allow customers to request quotations (RFQs) and estimates.
  • Offer detailed search capabilities and the ability to create multiple wish lists.
  • Access enhanced account management options.