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Multi Chock Truck Restraint

By Materials Handling Pty Ltd
  • Multi Chock Truck Restraint

Optimum loading bay safety!

Transhipments in loading bays all too frequently result in accidents and damage. As a consequence, to ensure optimum safety we have developed an automatic locking system for vehicles while they are loading and unloading.

Multi Chock offers total reliability and eliminates any risks as regards people, property or equipment.

Simple to use:

  • We have developed a simple automatic locking procedure - when the dock is open, the chocks are raised. With the wedges in the raised position the vehicle is immobilised. When the dock is closed, the chocks are lowered!
  • Once the transhipment operation is finished, the fork-lift driver closes the dock and lowers the chocks, allowing the vehicle to move away.
  • All steel components are hot dip galvanised.
  • Multi Chock immobilises all vehicle types: The chocks are high enough to hold a truck even at full power:vehicle accessories (mudguards, anti-spray devices, etc) do not in any way affect their operation.
  • The simple, reliable,maintenance-free system!