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By 600 Machine Tools Australia
  • ERLO

Column drilling machines TS/TSA/TSE series, with different working feed systems:
  • TS – Manual feed.
  • TSA – Automatic feed (mechanical clutch)
  • TSE – Automatic feed (Electromagnetic clutch)
  • Manual feed (TS serie).
  • 3 Automatic feeds (TSA & TSE series).
  • Geared drive with top quality steel gears and arbors, treated and grounded.
  • Top quality steel main spindle/toothing quill, fully treated and grounded (exterior, interior, grooves and teeth).
  • Automatic tool ejector.
  • Lighting equipment.
  • MT.4 main spindle, with threaded nose and protection nut.
  • Measuring front rule, with adjustable depth limit and reading index.
  • Automatic greasing system of the gear boxes.
  • Working table with “T” slots, rotative round the column, with vertical displacement by manual command. Treated surface.
  • Base plate with “T” slots. Treated surface.
  • Magnetothermic switch (motor guard).
  • Emergency push-button.
  • Spindle safety micro.
  • Coolant system set in the base (TSR/TSA/TSER models)
We produce gang drilling machines with the TS TSA TSE units, fitted on either a linear or circular bed to provide solutions for transfer type machines. Horizontal gang drilling machines are also made for these units.
The dimensions for the standard linear gang drilling machines are given in the chart on the next page and gang drilling machines of 2 to 6 drilling heads are possible. These gang drilling machines can be produced in other dimensions, combining drilling heads from various series and other manufacturing possibilities.
Circular gang drilling machines are produced upon request, after exhaustive technical research according to the customers specs.
Tell us what you are looking for, and we will give you an adequate response to your needs.
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