Wilson Tapping Tool

By Sheetmetal Tooling Tech

Fast Taps, Proven Reliability
Wilson Tool now offers the fastest, most reliable tapping tool available on the market, allowing fabricators to eliminate time-consuming secondary operations. Manufactured by DK Technologies, the Wilson Tapping Tool provides a wide range of user benefits not available with other tapping tools:

  • Tap a threaded hole with everymachine stroke - up to 200 holes per minute
  • Produce accurate threads at any programmed location on the sheet
  • Available for most major brands of turret style punch presses
  • Built-in tapping fluid injection system is synchronized with the machine stroke to reduce wear and breakage
  • Tapping injection system’s large tank enables the tapping of up to 40,000 holes before refilling
  • Taps are easily changed - no disassembly is required
  • Taps are available in both imperial and metric sizes
  • Tool lubrication is made simple through the use of external grease and oil ports