Cincom Eloquence - the most intuitive document composition solution


Cincom Eloquence is the simplest, easiest-to-use document composition solution in the industry. It provides the power for business-line professionals to generate dynamic documents, both structured and free-form, that are more fluent, timely and persuasive, while reducing document production costs by up to 80%, improving document production times by as much as 90% and reducing document errors to near zero.

With Cincom Eloquence, you can:

Design personalised content: Cincom Eloquence provides the automation tools you need to simply design sophisticated document models with complex business logic that can be dynamically applied to all of your document communications – from a simple letter to a highly personalised proposal in a variety of formats from any source within your enterprise, moving design out of the IT department and onto the business user’s desktop.

Deploy timely communications: Engineered as a single solution to deploy across your enterprise via a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and a 100% commitment to open standards, Cincom Eloquence optimises your legacy infrastructure investments while providing efficient, rapid integrations, multiple delivery channels and outputs in a variety of formats (e.g., PDF, AFP and XML). And, the breadth of Cincom Eloquence combines the scalability to produce structured document communications in high-volume batch with the flexibility to generate highly personalised, free-form documents on demand while interacting with customers in real time.

Deliver compelling documents in any form preferred – print, fax, e-mail or web.

For enterprise clients who are looking to streamline customer communication processes and realise tangible returns on their customer-relationship investments, Cincom Eloquence provides a comprehensive software offering that will:

  • Reduce operating costs by streamlining and automating document communication processes.
  • Extend and strengthen customer relationships with timely, accurate and more relevant document communications.
  • Reduce compliance risks and improve quality by centrally managing, controlling and monitoring document communications.

Here’s How It Works!

The simplified design environment improves quality and accelerates time-to-market for all document communications.

Ease-of-use: Cincom Eloquence provides the most intuitive design experience in the industry incorporating input from the existing client base and a graphical user interface designed with Human Factors International.

Personalisation: Cincom Eloquence drives deeper personalisation within documents by embedding sophisticated logic and real time, as well as customer-specific data from any source or format including mainframe.

Time-to-market: Cincom Eloquence dramatically shortens the time it takes to move documents into production by building comprehensive testing and preview capabilities directly into the design environment.

Quality: Cincom Eloquence provides the simplest and easiest pathway to document quality and near-zero-defects performance through rich, automated data acquisition, version control and reusable content components.

Compliance: Cincom Eloquence significantly reduces the burden and costs associated with Sarbanes Oxley, Basel II and other government/industry regulatory compliance through centralised management and monitoring of content components as well as comprehensive audit facilities.

Multiple support: Cincom Eloquence simplifies the management and maintenance of document repositories by utilising published, open, XML-based technologies that minimise the number of templates required to support multiple delivery channels, outputs, jurisdictions and languages.