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Versa Light

By Materials Handling Pty Ltd
  • Versa Light

Provides twice the light of old technology lights...

  • Light when you need it, right where you want it.
  • Withstands sudden impact!

Versa Light’s® unique flexible tube design withstands sudden impact, and easily adjusts to any position.

Proper lighting can increase safety and minimize product and trailer damage-saving you money!

Versa Light’s® advanced technology illuminates the entire trailer. Its versatile multi-position flexible tube resists impact from forklifts & overhead doors.

Versa Light’s® computer fan cools the halogen bulb for extended life.

The difference between old technology dock lights and Versa Light® is like the difference between night and day!

The low voltage 117Watt halogen bulb has an average life of 1400 hours compared to 300 hours for a conventional "par" bulb.

Proper lighting saves money by increasing safety, minimizing bulb changes and product and truck damage.

Also vailable with a coated halogen bulb to retain any broken glass, from a fractured bulb for food manufacturing & distribution facilities.