Digital Indicators and Displays

By Bestech Australia

Digital Panel Meter consists of a numeric LED/LCD display and an A/D converter that indicates measured analog values or monitoring analog output signals, such as voltage, current, pulse and etc. A digital panel meter can be connected to a printer, recorder, BCD indicator or a computer where the transferred data will be further analysed or used online. As a digital instrument, they are highly accurate and reliable for a wide range of applications. Bestech Australia offers a full range of versatile digital panel meters providing variable indication apart from DC/AC voltage and current, for instance, displays of frequency, temperature, pressure, volume, resistance, and other measuring or monitoring parameters or devices like thermocouple, RTD, Strain Gauge and etc.
Due to its wide range of applications, there are many types of digital panel meter (DPM) to be selected to suite the purpose of usage. Precision and high accurate measurement values can be achieved by the digital panel meters, and eliminate human errors. Bestech Australia supplies a comprehensive product lines in the digital measuring instruments, including counters, tachometers and temperature meters, as well as displaying indicators for voltage current measurement, which leads to a wide range of applications. The entire series of digital panel meters was designed with high reliability, possessed most advanced A/D technology, and tested under the strictest quality control. In addition, aging tests and QA inspections are also performed based on the national standards and a traceable standard management system to ensure our customers receive the best possible products and service.
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