Optical micrometer for precision measurement in restricted space


The optoCONTROL 2520-46(090) is a newly released product from Micro-Epsilon that extends the measurement capability of optical micrometer product range. With the receiver able to rotate by 90°, the micrometer is ideal for installations in limited and restricted space. The laser strength is classified as class 1M which is safe for observation through the pupil of the naked eye at all conditions except when it was passed through magnifying optics such as microscope and telescopes.

The optical ODC2520-46(090) micrometer is suitable for precision measurements of diameters, gaps and segments. In addition to the rotatable receiver, it also comes with integrated controller. With all these new additions, this new optical micrometer is a powerful, compact sensor suitable for precise measurement in restricted space.  

The micrometer can also be easily configured via a web interface. The laser can be easily switched off via a web interface and maintain the measurement values for a defined period of time. Moreover, the system also offers several new features such as distance-independent measurements, multi-results output, measurement of up to 8 segments, and the application of numerous averaging and filter types with measurement distances up to two meters.

Above all, the sensor offers high measurement accuracy at a maximum measuring range of 46mm. In addition, it is extremely flexible as the measurement object can be placed at any position within the light curtain and the distance between measurement object and receiver is freely selectable. A user-friendly web interface is used to perform set up and configuration of this next-generation micrometer. It provides set up for measurements and limit values, measuring programs and filters.

This powerful, next-generation optical micrometer is now available to purchase from Bestech Australia. Should you have ­any queries, please contact us below and one of our application engineers will contact you to discuss your applications.

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