Economic Quality Control - Force and Displacement Controller


Bestech Australia introduces the Burster DIGIFORCE 9311, the pioneering force and displacement controller which offers rapid evaluation results when strict quality demands are coupled with high production rates. The smart built-in technologies save setup time, simplify operation and ensures autonomous integration into modern production systems.

The DIGIFORCE 9311 is extremely versatile and can be used as early as the development phase to determine reference curves. It can precisely monitor manual workstations and automated production lines even when a rapid cycle is running or work piece types are changed. Continuous monitoring ensures errors are detected early so countermeasures can be implemented quickly.

Its key features include:
• 3.5” colour display with touch operation
• Automatic setup of evaluation elements
• Flexible PLC connection using PROFINET, EtherNET/IP or I/Os
• Evaluation results in 15 msec on average
• Up to 6 real-time switch signals
• Process monitoring with graphical evaluation elements such as thresholds, envelopes, trapeziums and windows