Laser triangulation sensor at top speed

By Bestech Australia

With a 100,000 Hz cut-off frequency, the optoNCDT 1630 laser sensor from Micro-Epsilon is one of the fastest on the market. The new distance sensor is distributed exclusively by Bestech Australia in Austrasia and is an ideal choice for vibration measurements, crash tests and inspection systems for vibrating components.

Bestech Australia introduces a new series of optoNCDT16x0 laser triangulation sensors. These analogue laser sensors are ideal for high speed displacement, distance and position measurements. Their compact design, Ethernet interface and analogue outputs simplify integration with process control systems. The sensors incorporate an automatic lighting control feature for visual adaptation to different target surfaces. Used in combination with the CSP 2008 universal controller, the new optoNCDT 16x0 laser sensors become compact measuring systems with multiple sensors (e.g. for thickness measurements).

In addition to the previous model, the optoNCDT 1610 (10k Hz cut-off frequency), the NEW optoNCDT 1630 sensor can be used for measurements up to 100k Hz: including position control of pistons and valves; length, angle and thickness measurements; flatness control, etc.