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Thu Jan 17 2019

Confocal Chromatic displacement sensors

By Bestech Australia

Bestech Australia offers a series of confocal chromatic sensors, the confocalDT IFS2405. These confocal sensors have a higher sensitivity and so offer significant advantages with regard to measurements carried out on dark targets. In order to ensure flexible use, the new sensors offer offset distances of up to 100mm. In addition, the tilt angle has been significantly enlarged.

The sensors are offered alongside the new generation confocalDT 2451/2471 controller. This controller provides an excellent signal-to-noise ratio and achieves measuring rates of 10kHz (LED) or 70kHz (Xenon light source). The innovative high performance CCD line provides active surface compensation during measurement processes on different materials. The components of the measurement system that are adjusted to each other offer higher accuracy per measurement channel.

The confocal chromatic measuring principle is a non-contact, maintenance-free, long-term stable one and so is ideal for high precision applications. The confocalDT IFS2405 series can be also used for one-sided thickness measurement of transparent material. Therefore, the new sensors can be applied in applications such as displays and glass production, medical technology and in Research & Development. 

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