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Potentiometric displacement sensor

By Bestech Australia

Potentiometric displacement sensor is used for direct or non-direct measurement of mechanical displacement. High resolution allows linear measurements to be accurately sized even in large measurement ranges up to 2000 mm.  Precision potentiometers from Bestech Australia have high resolution to conduct linear or angular motion displacements and they always operate with a sliding contact system. 
Areas of application includes:
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders
  • Detection of positions on coordinate
  • inspection machines
  • Displacement of plungers, knee levers or extruders
  • Coil and de coil lengths
  • Strokes on chassis
  • Metering strokes
Potentiometers allow changes in the resistance in a circuit and functioning as a variable voltage divider. Potentiometer is commonly used in research laboratories, industrial processing, and robotics as well as on medical, construction and agriculture equipment for various control purposes.
Special processes are applied to give the resistance tracks low friction, low tendency to stick or slip, resistance to abrasion and long-term stability.
Potentiometers are cost-effective devices widely used in automotive, molding machines, medical equipment, robotics, wood processing machinery, printing equipment, spraying, machine tools, sports equipment and other applications requiring precise measurement of displacement.
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