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Wed Jun 19 2019

Precise inductive measuring sensor for high volume production

By Bestech Australia

Bestech Australia introduces the induSENSOR DTA-XG8, a LVDT which is ideally suited to high volume serial production. The entire sensor housing has a diameter of 8mm. These Linear sensors are available in two basic sensor versions: feather or pneumatic. The product range includes measuring ranges of ±1mm, ±3mm, ±5mm, and ±10mm. Linearity is 0.3 % of the measurement range.

Another new feature is the bellows between the sensor tip and housing, which helps to protect the sensor from dust and water (IP65 protection class). All sensors include a cable that extends axially from the sensor.

induSENSOR DTA-XG8 sensors are ideal for automation and quality control applications. Due to its special design, this series offers a very attractive price/performance ratio, especially for high volumes. Both the sensor and the electronics can be customised for high volume projects.

Inductive displacement sensors are used extensively in applications for automated processes, quality assurance, test rigs, hydraulics, pneumatic cylinders, and automotive engineering due to their highly valued advantages, such as maintenance-free, high measurement accuracy, extreme robustness and good temperature stability. The electromagnetic sensors of the induSENSOR series from Micro-Epsilon are based on well-known inductive and eddy current principles that have approved for their ruggedness and reliability under harsh environments.
Linear inductive displacement and position sensors based on electrimagnetic, eddy current, and magnetic inductive effects from Bestech Australia are extensively used in applications where setup and process time is shortened for convenience, operational readinewss and safety is enhensed and therefore production capacity is improved. induSensors Series are used successfully in both single and high volume OEM industrial applications. 
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