AD-4404 Control Indicator

By A&D Weighing

A process control indicator capable of controlling conveyor systems, in motion applications, batching and filling. Fully configurable I/O represents maxiimum flexibility.

Features of AD-4404 Control Indicator:

  • Large and easy to see blue Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD)
  • Twin displays show weight and operational details
  • Main display has 7-digit VFD with 18mm high characters
  • Sub display has 108 x 5mm high characters to show values and comments
  • A 0-10 key pad and function buttons provide for ease of use
  • User programmable check-weighing modes to meet many specific requirements
  • Manual or automatic check-weighing possible
  • RS-485 serial interface as standard allows you to link up to 32 units and supports the MODBUS Protocol
  • Fully Configurable I/O,  your choice of control commands