Marine: Marine Silk

By Australian Inhibitor

Marine Silk™ is a product specifically designed to reduce skin friction between the hull of any boat operating in water.

How Does Marine Silk™ Work?

Marine Silk™ when applied provides a textured surface not unlike that of the skin of sharks and dolphins. This results in reduced ‘drag’ through the water thereby allowing greater speed and reduced fuel consumption.
Marine Silk™ will also inhibit the growth of algae and other marine organisms on a short term basis by preventing ‘anchoring’ of such organisms on the hull. The accompanying photographs provides evidence of this.

Marine Silk™ will make the removal of such marine organisms easier for boats left in the water for periods of around 1 month. The use of hot water or high pressure spray is recommended for easy removal.

Marine Silk™ should be applied to a clean hull, to the total area in contact with water where it will form a highly impervious water repellent film.

Results of product evaluation can be found in accompanying technical data /boat trials information.

Marine Silk™ was proudly developed and manufactured in Australia.