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Synchronous Linear Motors

  • Synchronous Linear Motors

SEW-EURODRIVE - Perfect precision, highest dynamic properties and high speed. The new generation of SL2 synchronous linear motors from SEW-EURODRIVE

SL2 synchronous linear motors: Precise, reliable and safe at any speed.
The high demands on machine cycle times, acceleration and linear travel speeds for drive systems in handling, transportation and production are increasing steadily.

The new SL2 synchronous linear motors from SEW-EURODRIVE are the perfect solution for use in highly-dynamic and flexible processing machines, handling technology or pick-and-place applications.

The direct generation of linear motion and force means that no mechanical transmission elements such as spindles, ball bearings or toothed belts, which would be subject to wear, are required.

An optimum force-density ratio is achieved by using the latest winding technology and a laminated iron core. The SL2 synchronous linear motor with convection cooling is practically maintenance-free, offers maximum reliability and availability, high control quality, speed and accuracy. Another advantage is the compact design of the SL2 synchronous linear motor.

SEW-EURODRIVE offers the matching MOVIDRIVE® compact MCH servo inverter (in preparation for MOVIDRIVE® synchronous linear motors, size B) to create a perfect system for individual drive solutions from one source. Another advantage is that the familiar functionality of the MOVIDRIVE® series is also available for the operation of linear motors.

SL2 synchronous linear motors save time during project planning
The project planning and configuration of system concepts that place high demands on speed and precision or require high travel speeds and repetition accuracy is very time-consuming.

Apart from the calculation and selection of the drive system, the time spent on designing the motor system in the machine base is the decisive factor in project planning.

Therefore, for the SL2-Advance and SL2-Power Systems of the convection-cooled SL2 synchronous linear motors, SEW-EURODRIVE now performs the decisive and also time-consuming planning for integrating the synchronous linear motor. As a result, the user is offered an ingenious and efficient assembly system. Result: Tried and tested functionality for every application.

Advantages of Synchronous linear motors of the system solution for your application

  • Dynamic and precise mechanical components are combined with intelligent drive electronics and control devices from the SEW-EURODRIVE modular system to offer the perfect system solution for every application. Naturally, all components are available in the high quality only offered by drive technology made by SEW-EURODRIVE.
  • SL2 synchronous linear motor
  • MOVIDRIVE® compact servo inverter (MOVIDRIVE® series B in preparation)
  • Operating software MOVITOOLS® with a startup function for SL2
  • Technology function
  • Engineering Support
  • After Sales Support
  • CAD files for all motor series

Synchronous linear motors are convection cooled and available in the rated power range of 280 ... 6000 N. Peak powers of 12600 N can be achieved. The motors are available in the rated velocity classes 1 m/s, 3 m/s or 6 m/s to achieve a system-specific optimization of the motor system. Special windings are also readily available.

Always the right choice: SL2 synchronous linear motor
If motors are required to cope with increasing speeds and positioning accuracy, conventional motors soon reach their limits. As a result, convection-cooled synchronous linear motors are used more and more frequently in servo applications.

The three SL2 synchronous linear motors from SEW-EURODRIVE offer highly-dynamic and precise positioning down to the µ range with the high quality expected from SEW.

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