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Servo Gear Units - PSBF series

  • Servo Gear Units - PSBF series

SEW-EURODRIVE - Highest degree of precision, torque and overhung load: Low backlash planetary and helical-bevel servo gear units

Advantages of Servo Gear Units - PSBF series:

  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Highest permitted torques and overhung loads
  • High efficiency levels
  • Highest level of reliability, availability and a long service life
  • Adaptor is eliminated, which cuts costs

Planetary servo gear unit

PSBF series

The low-backlash PSBF planetary servo gear units feature extremely high torsional and pull-out rigidity.

Five sizes cover the 55 ... 1750 Nm torque range and can be driven with acceleration torques up to 2500 Nm.

The interlocking connections throughout ensure high safety factors and do not allow for positioning deviation through molecular movement, as is the case with a hollow shaft mounting system.

The compact design of the flange block version saves installation space and costs since there is no need for additional clamping rings and coupling element

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