MOVIAXIS® Multi-Axis Servo Inverters

  • MOVIAXIS® Multi-Axis Servo Inverters

SEW-EURODRIVE - With its new MOVIAXIS® multi-axis servo inverters, SEW-EURODRIVE offers innovative, future-oriented solutions in the field of highly dynamic servo drive technology.

These units handle dynamic and accurate application and automation tasks with optimized expenditure of time, costs and resources.

Depending on the machine and system concept required, MOVIAXIS® multi-axis servo drives can be combined flexibly and adapted to meet the automation requirements with optimum efficiency.

Advantages of MOVIAXIS® Multi-Axis Servo Inverters:

  • The on-board technology integrated in the unit free of charge offers many solution options even when combined with a standard range of functions.
  • Motion control functionality can be enhanced in steps and can "grow" with the machine (unit internal technology, MOVI-PLC® basic, MOVI-PLC ® advanced.)
  • Highly sophisticated features – Ethernet TCP/IP, USB, data storage, axis parameters/data auto re-load after replacement, double-CAN,...
  • Optimum combination options with all other SEW drive products, for tailor-made solutions
  • Saves time in implementing motion control tasks thanks to integrated functions
  • Quick and easystartup and operation thanks to graphical and user-guided interfaces
  • Multi-motor operation eliminates the need for additional inverters e.g. for alignment tasks
  • Offers maximum dynamic response and control qualities for highly dynamic tasks
  • Requires little installation space – while enabling integral, simple convection cooling and high power density (250% overload capacity)

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