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CMS Series Electric Cylinders

  • CMS Series Electric Cylinders

SEW-EURODRIVE - CMS Series Electric Cylinders
Electric cylinders of the CMS series are equipped with permanent magnet rotors and operate with particularly high precision, power and speed. Combined with drive electronics from SEW-EURODRIVE, they provide economical, energy-efficient drive solutions that ensure a high level of process reliability in system operation and are easy to integrate into existing automation facilities, such as welding systems and robotic systems.

Your advantages:

  • 5× faster power increase time than pneumatic cylinders
  • Constant power setting
  • Easy connection into automation processes
  • Noise reduction through controlled accelerations
  • Simple integration into automation processes thanks to connection to all commercial bus systems: PROFIBUS, INTERBUS, INTERBUS LWL, DeviceNet, CAN, CANopen

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