QuickStripe Magnetic Card Reader


No need to type in the details on a Medicare or credit card, just swipe the card through the QuickStripe reading slot. The card data will appear on your PC screen as though you typed it in, but without any errors!

The ASP QuickStripe Magnetic Stripe Reader is quick and easy to install. Although an RS-232 version is available, the most common interface is PC keyboard wedge, so you just plug the unit in between your PC and its keyboard, no power supplies or other cables required.

The standard QuickStripe reads either or both tracks 1 and 2, and a version that reads all three tracks is also available. The QuickStripe is configured using software supplied with the unit. Units with keyboard wedge interface can be supplied with AT or PS/2 connectors, and the RS-232 unit is fitted with a D9 serial port cable. (moreā€¦)


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