Magtek Mini MICR Cheque Reader

By ASP Microcomputers

The MINI MICR is a MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) Cheque Reader, and is designed to read the MICR characters on cheques, deposit and withdrawal slips, and other MICR encoded documents.

The use of the MICR Reader improves accuracy and speed because there is no manual data entry; therefore there are no keying errors or unwanted delays.

In a typical application, the unit reads the MICR characters printed on the bottom of a cheque, and transmits this data to a Host device. The Host device can then use the appropriate specific authorization or verification process required to validate the transaction.

The Mini MICR is a low cost cheque reader with high accuracy and dependability, with a small footprint.

The MICR Reader is available with a PC Keyboard Wedge or USB Serial interface.  (more…)