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Mon May 20 2019


By ASP Microcomputers

AssetTraq™ Assets Management System


At work we're surrounded by assets. Some are static (such as desks and chairs), some move around (such as audio visual equipment on loan). If you are responsible for them, but can't instantly and accurately list "what's where" (or with whom), list important asset information such as safety check dates and warranty information, and tell whether your assets are being pilfered, you need AssetTraq.


·      Simple to use Windows program.

·      Use barcodes to identify assets and locations.

·      Built in facility to loan and track assets.

·      Track warranty and safety inspection dates.

·      Suitable for Schools and Businesses.

·      Audit assets, location and condition quickly with a Portable Barcode Reader.

·      Built in barcode label printing for assets, locations and borrowers.

·      Import data from existing asset registers simply.

·      Optional extra seats (multi-user) available.

·      A low investment for complete control of your assets!

·      A summary brochure is available, in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format (525Kb).

·      A 30 day trial version of AssetTraq is available for download.