FP7 Built In Remote Access Web Server by Panasonic

By Control Logic

FP7 Web Server

Panasonic have added a built in Web Server feature to their popular FP7 programmable logic controllers. Available in firmware version 3.30 or later CPU units with built in Ethernet function, the webserver allows you to monitor and control your application or plant from any PC, Smart Phone or tablet with network access.

The FP7 has a range of system information available as default in the CPU unit, all that is required to access this data is a network connection and a web browser. Once on the same network as the PLC you wish to view, simply type the IP address of the Ethernet port into your browser, enter your password and the default page allows you access to PLC status items such as System Register settings, operation history and PLC errors.

On the other hand, if you wish to see collected data or control program variables, then the use of Panasonic’s Control Web Creator could be the solution.  This is a graphics creation tool that allows you to easily design Web content that is published by the FP7. You can creatively design content by arranging Web components such as switches, lamps and meters on the screen and setting the properties. Your content will be linked to the information in the PLC without needing any knowledge of HTML. Screens that are setup as desired by the user with Control Web Configurator are uploaded to the FP7, then, as with the default web page, the information in the FP7’s internal Web Server can be monitored on a browser