Vehicle Pressure Acquisition System

By Bestech Australia
  • Vehicle Pressure Acquisition System
  • Vehicle Pressure Acquisition System

Bestech Australia is introducing a brand new Data Acquisition System from Validyne, the VPAS (Vehicle Pressure Acquisition System).

It has up to 8 low pressure channels (measurement points) with continuous pressure reading recording and USB interface to display data in real time graphically on a laptop or PC and/or can be saved as in .csv format for further analysis in MS Excel.

The VPAS is designed to be placed on the rear seat of a vehicle with plastic hoses run from the differential pressure sensors (DP103).

DP103 sensors have a full range from 0.1in H2O up to 55in H2O, and are referenced to ambient cabin pressure when negative ports are left open whilst sensing differential pressure when tubes are connected to both + and – ports.

The Vehicle Pressure Acquisition System (VPAS) from Bestech Australia is ideal for vehicle HVAC low pressure, vent and duct air pressures measurements.

More specifications:

A/D Resolution: 16 bits

Sensor Excitation: 5k Hz

Calibration: In H20 by Scale and Offset

Data File Format: .csv file. Can open in any spreadsheet program (e.g. Excel)

Graphing: Real-time Graphs for all channels

Conversion Rate: 5000 samples/sec distributed over active channels

Size: 8.5” x 24” x 7”

Power: 6 Vdc @ 3A, Vehicle Adapter Included

Accuracy: 0.25% FS

Weight: 20 lbs