Digiclip amplifier

By HBM Australia
  • Digiclip amplifier

Amplifier improves solar panel production

The production of photovoltaic modules for solar panels can now be improved by using a measuring chain comprising HBM’s digiCLIP amplifier with a force transducer.

Photovoltaic modules use large quantities of small silicon wafers. These need to be produced in large quantities to exacting standards. During this process the silicon is normally cut into wafers using wire saws. Optimal force application of the wire saws on the silicon is essential to precise cutting and minimal loss of material.

digiCLIP permanently acquires the force signals and transmits the signals to the production control system through Profibus-DP within a few milliseconds. During the process digiCLIP evaluates any variations and enables immediate correction through the control system.

The digiCLIP amplifier continuously identifies and eliminates manufacturing problems with high accuracy. Process interruptions are identified and eliminated quickly; material loss and production costs reduced; quality and product production is substantially increased.