Data Logger Remote Scanner NEC DC6100

By Applied Infrared Sensing

Designed specifically for measurement needs from FA
to fields DC6100 data logger remote scanner has various configurations
with multiple channels and fast recording (max 10ms sampling when using
30 channels in Lab measurements and 100ms sampling when using 1200
channels in large-scale measurement at plants).

The data logger uses various measurement methods which are especially
effective for repetitive tests: selectable from Constant Interval,
Variable Interval and Step-Trigger measurement methods.

A single unit is capable of setting 3 scanning times. It allows
effective use of internal memory or compact flash card by selecting
optimal scanning time for each object to be measured.

Online access function is also available. The data acquisition logger
DC6100 is accessible via Internet and it is possible to do various
settings, data monitoring, file control, time setting and emailing.