Data Acquisition System Sensor Fusion Solution Analyzer NEC DF1100

By Applied Infrared Sensing

Advanced, new concept in measuring instruments — now you can simultaneously measure and record non-contact infrared temperature data with analogue phenomena including stress, strain and vibration.

Infrared thermal images are recorded by infrared thermal imaging camera like NEC TS9100, TH9100 via Ethernet connection. A brilliant LSD colour monitor displays trend of max/min and average temperature. Various alarms can be set up.

Customized monitor screen allows easy configuration to show simultaneously desired combinations of digital data, YT & XY graphs, and thermal infrared imaging data.

The system provides multi-channel measurement. Up to 16 isolated, independent data channels simultaneously display connected sensor data.

In addition, the system has expanded arithmetic (basic maths, trig, calculus, and moving average) and FFT features (power, linear, RMS, and power density spectrum analysis).