CR800 Data Logger

By Campbell Scientific Australia

Our CR800 data logger series are the latest release from Campbell Scientific.  The loggers are ideal for small to medium long term or remote projects, but with added peripherals can be used in large scale applications.  Its reliability & flexibility on site makes the CR800 data logger ideal for all applications & budgets

The series contains two models of the logger, the CR800 and CR850.  The CR800 data logger has an optional external keyboard (CR1000KD), connected via the CS I/O port, allowing you to visit to multiple sites, while the CR850 logger has an inbuilt keypad and display.  Using either the external keyboard or inbuilt display allows you to edit programs on-site, calibrate sensors and view stored values. 

Industry Applications Include - Environmental Monitoring, Agriculture & Irrigation, Water Quality & Hydrological Applications, Geotechnical & Mining, Vehicle & Industry Testing.

Features of CR800 Series Data Logger:
•    Stores 4 Mbytes of data in FLASH memory
•    Data format is table
•    Operating system: PakBus® Software support offered in LoggerNet or PC400 (full-featured) or ShortCut (programming) Detachable keyboard/display, the CR1000KD, can be carried to multiple stations
•    Supports Modbus protocol, SDI-12 protocol, and SDM device

Technical Specifications of CR800 Series Data Logger:
•    Analog inputs: 6 single-ended or 3 differential, individually configured
•    Pulse counters: 2
•    Switched volt. excitations: 2
•    Control/digital ports: 4
•    Scan rate: 100 Hz
•    Analog volt. resolution: to 0.33 uV
•    A/D bits: 13