CR3000 Data Logger

By Campbell Scientific Australia

The CR3000 high performance data logger is a self-contained rugged data acquisition system designed for applications where high speed and accuracy are required.
The logger can measure most sensor types directly, communicate via modems, reduce data, control external devices, and store both data and programs in either non-volatile Flash memory or battery-backed SRAM.  The extra processing speed also makes it highly suitable for Eddy Covariance systems.

Applications & Industries Include - EC Systems, Environmental & Agricultural monitoring, Meteorology, Aquaculture & Marine Studies, Hydrology, Geotechnical, Mining & Vehicle Testing.

Features of CR3000 Data Logger:
•    Compact, self-contained data logger
•    Built-in alphanumeric keyboard and display
•    2M Flash for operating system
•    4M battery-backed SRAM for CPU use, program storage, and data storage
•    Data format: table
•    Available operating systems: PakBus®
•    Software support: requires LoggerNet 3.2 or higher (not included)

Specifications of CR3000 Data Logger:
•    Analog inputs: 28 single-ended or 14 differential, individually configured
•    Pulse counters: 4
•    Switched voltage excitations: 4
•    Switched current excitations: 3
•    Control/digital I/O ports: 8
•    Continuous analog outputs: 2
•    Serial I/O port (CS I/O): 1
•    RS-232 Port: 1
•    Scan rate: 100 Hz
•    Analog voltage resolution: to 0.33 uV
•    A/D bits: 16
•    Programming: CRBasic
•    Data Storage: Table
•    Baud Rate Maximum: 115200