CR200 Data Logger

By Campbell Scientific Australia

The CR200 data logger model is our smallest logger specifically designed for basic applications on a budget.   Its input channel configuration and small size is optimal for projects requiring only one or two sensor measurements.  While only a basic logger, the CR200 series still measures many parameters, including - Barometric Pressure, Precipitation, Snow Depth, Soil Moisture, Solar Radiation, Temp & RH, Water Level & Quality and Wind Speed & Direction.

The CR200 is the "base" model in the CR200 data logger series, the CR211 logger carries on-board, spread spectrum radios in 922 MHz frequency range (frequencies outside of Australia are available on request). The added benefit of the CR200 system is the compact size - when paired with an ENC200 enclosure and the small 16869 battery, the packaged CR200 has a deployment size of only 15cm (6 inches) by 18cm (7 inches).

Applications & Industries of CR200 Series Data Logger Include - Environmental & Agricultural Monitoring, Meteorology, Hydrology, Aquaculture & Mining.

Features of CR200 Series Data Logger -
•    Ideal where only a few sensors will be measured
•    Stores 32000 data points (non-volatile)
•    6 Kbyte program storage (non-volatile)
•    Data format is table-based
•    Available operating systems: PakBus®
•    Software support offered in SCWin 2.0, PC400, or LoggerNet 3.x

Specifications of CR200 Series Data Logger
•    A/D converter: 12 bit
•    Scan rate: once per second (max)
•    Single-ended analog channel: 5, individually configured
•    Analog voltage range: 0 to +2500 mV
•    Measurement resolution: 0.6 mV
•    Excitation channels: 2, programmable for either +2.5 or +5 volts
•    Switched battery port: 1
•    Pulse count channels: 2
•    Control ports: 2
•    Battery voltage range: 7 to 16 Vdc
•    On-board 12 Vdc lead acid battery charger
•    Communications: RS-232