CR1000 Data Logger

By Campbell Scientific Australia

Campbell Scientific - The powerful CR1000 data logger is our most popular model, due to its high flexibility and reliability in the field. The logger is ideal for long-term, remote deployment.

The CR1000 data logger uses the latest in technology to provide users with the maximum capability in terms of speed flexibility, reliability and accuracy.  The logger features increased memory, more measurement channels, and an RS-232 port for communication

Applications & Industries of CR1000 Data Logger Include - Environmental & Agricultural monitoring, Meteorology, Aquaculture & Marine Studies, Hydrology, Geotechnical, Mining & Vehicle Testing.

Features of CR1000 Data Logger:

•    4Mb of memory standard
•    Additional data storage using CFM100 Module with a CompactFlash® card
•    Powerful PakBus® operating system – an exciting new packet switched communications protocol which facilitates datalogger networking
•    2 M SRAM for data storage, program storage and CPU usage
•    Designed for unattended network applications

•    Compatible with the full range of peripherals and communications devices

•    Data stored in table format

•    Detachable keyboard/display, the CR1000KD, can be carried to multiple station

Specifications of CR1000 Data Logger:
•    Analog inputs: 16 single-ended or 8 differential, individually configured Pulse counters: 2 Switched voltage excitations: 3
•    Control/digital ports: 8
•    RS-232 port: 1 CS I/O port: 1
•    Scan rate: 100 Hz Burst mode: 1500 Hz
•    Analog volt. resolution: to 0.33 uV
•    A/D bits: 13
•    Programming: CRBasic
•    Data Storage: Table
•    Telecommunications: PakBus

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