Dangerous Goods Storage

By Sitecraft


  • High quality construction using zinc-coated steel sheeting
  • Powdercoat finish giving high resistance to splashes and spills
  • All products designed to comply with Australian Standards and relevant Dangerous Goods Regulations
  • All cabinets supplied fitted with all relevant safety signage
  • Adjustable slow release user friendly hydraulic door control closure systems
  • Stainless steel continuous pin hinging for reliable and accurate door closing
  • Made in Australia


  • Additional shelves available
  • PVC shelf tray
  • PVC sump liner


Dangerous Goods Storage Classes:


  • Flammable Liquids storage cabinets To AS 1940-2004
  • Corrosive Substances storage cabinets to AS 3780. Polyethylene spill trays available
  • Organic Peroxide storage cabinets to AS 2714
  • Toxic Substances storage cabinets to AS 4452
  • Oxidizing Agents storage cabinets to AS 4326

Model 6601176

30 Litre mini-safety cabinet suitable for under bench storage


Model 6601183

60 Litre safety cabinet


Model 6601190

100 Litre safety cabinet suitable for under bench storage


Model 6601198

160 Litre safety cabinet


Model 6601217

Heavy duty cabinet with rollers for vertical 205 litres drum storage with room for pump or shelves


Model 6601205

250 Litre safety cabinet


Model 6601204

Horizontal drum storage safety cabinet for 205 litre drum.