Thread Rolling & Thread Forming

By Swift Metal Services
  • Thread Rolling & Thread Forming


Australia’s most progressive metal services company; Swift Metal Services Pty Ltd have expanded their thread rolling and screw forming capabilities. As suppliers of Rolled Thread Components to OEM manufacturers, builders, construction and mining industries, Australia-wide, Swift Metal Services Pty Ltd are constantly investing in new, high technology machinery to enhance quality and reduce the cost of metal parts and components.

Thread forming and thread rolling is currently viewed as the optimum or best process to cold form quality screw threads. Rolling threads onto bar typically results in threads and screws that are stronger then threads that are machined or cut using dies, mills or lathes. The thread cutting process can also leaves burrs or sharp edges on thread face, depending on the machinery and cutting tips used.  Thread Forming generally refers to creating threads internally, often from hollow bar whilst Thread Rolling typically designates an external thread. In both of these processes threads are formed or created into/onto a blank, by pressing a shaped die against the blank. Thread Rolling & Thread Forming processes are often used for high-speed production runs and repetition manufacturing applications, in which Swift Metal has many years experience. Thread Forming and Thread Rolling processes have minimal or zero shavings as virtually no material is actually removed. This in turn means less material is required because the blank size starts smaller than a blank required for cut threads.

Swift Metal Services Pty Ltd provides Screw Profiling, Thread Rolling and Thread Forming services for a wide variety of sizes, pitches and diameters, using ferrous and non-ferrous bar and hollow bar. Materials include stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper and carbon steels. The experienced team at Swift Metal Services would value the opportunity to provide premium quality thread rolled assemblies and components, in the shortest lead time, at competitive pricing, for any application nationally.