Posithread Grooving Tools and Inserts

By SEI Carbide Australia
  • Posithread Grooving Tools and Inserts

SEI Carbide Australia - The Posithread Grooving System offers the customer an economical and flexible method for a whole range of Grooving, Face Grooving and Parting Off operations by using the same toolshank and changing the Blade and Clamp.

Parting Off up to 50mm diameter solid bar can be achieved and Face Grooving for diameters larger than 35mm and up to a depth of 32mm for wider inserts.

Clamps and Blades have a 'V' location to match with the form on the insert. This guarantees accurate and secure clamping of the insert.

The inserts are available in a range of styles, grades and geometries for Grooving, Side Turning, Profiling, Threading and Parting Off.