HP Accu-Lock Retainer Inserts

By Sheetmetal Tooling Tech

Create, modify and reuse special retainers on-site and on demand with HP Accu-Lock Retainer Inserts by Wilson Tool.HP Accu-Lock simplifies the use of special retainers by eliminating the need for complicated jigs, inspection fixtures and specialised knowledge to machine ball holes into the punch plate. In fact, HP Accu-Lock eliminates the ball hole. Punches are held securely in place with a straight-line machined hole that can easily be created in-house.

Shorter Lead Times and Less Waste Means Lower Costs.
Purchasing custom retainers for a special request is costly and can add weeks to a job. With HP Accu-Lock, you can not only create your own special retainers in-house but also modify and reuse existing retainers. Cut your lead times from several weeks to a day and significantly reduce waste.

HP Accu-Lock Retainer Inserts let you:

  • Create new special retainers in-house
  • Modify and reuse existing retainers
  • Hold punches securely and accurately

HP Accu-Lock Retainer Inserts are fully compatible with all ball lock punches, including HP Ball Lock punches from Impax Tooling Solutions.

Available in Metric and Imperial sizes.